Microsoft releases Edge Beta for Linux


After more than six months after the launch of the Dev version of its Edge browser on the Linux operating system last October, Microsoft launched the beta version of its Chromium-based web browser bringing the browser another step towards the stable version.

Beta versions are more stable than the Dev ones- although I have not experienced any crash or problem in the Dev version throughout my use of the browser -, and they are updated once every six weeks, unlike the development version, which is updated on a weekly basis, and this is a good thing for those who don't want to see annoying notifications asking them to install browser updates every week, they prefer instead to focus on their business and productivity.

The current Beta version includes all the features that were previously added in the Dev versions until now, including the new themes and the sync feature between platforms, and it is available for download from the Microsoft Edge Insider website from here in the DEB format for the Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS, and Zorin OS, as well as in the RPM format for the Fedora and Open SUSE distributions. The detailed steps are available on the same site to install Microsoft Edge Beta from the command line for those who prefer to install it via Terminal.
The release of the beta version for Linux users may also be related to Microsoft's efforts to unify the code base for its new browser-based Chromium across all platforms to accelerate its development, and this can be confirmed by the fact that the company had launched a Dev and a Canary version of the browser on Android in recent days, as well as re-opening the Microsoft Edge program Beta for iOS users last month.

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