DEKUVE Colors 0.1 is a beautiful and promising Linux distro based on Debian

As we said in a previous article, the most important characteristic of GNU Linux operating systems is its versatility, as there is a Linux distribution for everything and every taste and all types and specifications of hardware, it is an operating system that you can run in everything, whatever it is or is. Most of these distributions are derived or based from one of these parent distributions: Debian (like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, MX Linux...), Arch Linux (like Manjaro, EndeavourOS, Garuda Linux...), and Red Hat Enterprise Linux aka RHEL (like Fedora, CentOS, ClearOS...). 

These derivative distributions are also divided into two types: the first one, where developers take the base of one of the other Linux distributions and build their distribution on it, by adding their packages and desktop environment, such as a Linux Mint distribution, for example, which develops the Cinnamon desktop interface and uses it in its main release, or uses a desktop interface already exists as Manjaro do, which takes the Arch Linux base and adds one of the different desktop interfaces to it, and integrates with it many useful tools and customizations to make it easy to use and suitable for every taste.  

There is also another type of Linux distributions where developers take a known distribution with a decent user base, and add to it a set of features, programs, and customizations to make their use easier, like Gecko Linux, and Voyager Linux. The purpose of this class of distributions is to shorten the time for users, especially new ones, and enabling them to use the distribution directly after installing it without the need to do any additional things such as adding external repositories for some apps that are not in the official distribution repositories or installing codecs...

DEKUVE OS is a new Linux distribution that belongs to the first type, and it aims to give a free, secure, and stable replacement for Windows and macOS. It is based on Debian testing for now, and offers a handful of apps and features suitable for daily use, out of the box. 

Last week the OS' developers released the first public release of DEKUVE OS 0.1, they name it Colors, and it comes with a beautiful customized Xfce 4.16 desktop environment Much like a Mac, with a panel that contains additionally to the traditional Whisker app launcher menu and the running apps' plugin; the global menu plugin, language input switcher bar, weather, notification plugin, and the actions' menu. 

 On the bottom, there is the famous plank dock that holds a lot of default pre-installed apps such as LibreOffice office suite, Firefox browser, VLC media player, and more. 

The list of default programs that the distro comes with contain also the MailSpring mail client, the Stacer system monitor and manager, Krita paint program, Flowblade video editor, Dolibarr companies' manager, HomeBank financial-accounting software, iCloud apps (created with nativefier), Mellow Player cloud music player, the all-in-one messaging app Rambox, and Audacity. 

The DEKUVE Colors 0.1 distro also comes with a large and beautiful set of desktop backgrounds and a bunch of wonderful default icons and themes, and it is available for download from its official website for 64-bit computers and requires only 2 GB of RAM, and 25 GB of free hard drive space as minimum requirements to operate. But unfortunately, the distribution does not yet have its own repository to update its theme and icons or to add other programs to it in the future, but the development team has confirmed that it is working on it, and the team is also preparing another version that will come later in the future with a desktop environment other than Xfce.

Download DEKUVE Colors 0.1:  SourceForge or Torrent 




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