Google announces Entrainment Space for Android tablets


Google just announced Entrainment Space, a new feature for Android tablets, that is expected to make the user's multimedia experience more enjoyable and easier, and it will arrive on some devices starting this month. 

This new feature aims to facilitate the user's access to all his TV shows, movies, games, and books by collecting and organizing them in one place in an interface similar to that of Google TV, that can be accessed by swiping to the left from the home screen where it will replace Google Discover on these tablets. 

Entrainment Space consists of three tabs: Watching, Games, and Reading. The first tab, enables users to move between your streaming services, find movies and TV shows to watch, rent or buy from Google TV and view recommended videos from YouTube. The tab also contains a "Continue Watching" row, where you can return to resume watching your favorite movie or program from where you left off, and if you are not sure what to watch next, Entertainment Space will surface popular and custom recommendation rows from Google TV, Twitch, Hulu, and many more other services. 

On the Games tab, you will find suggestions for some new games that you can install and try, and if you do not have enough storage space in your tablet, or you just do not want to install anything, then Entertainment Space also has some instant games that you can play without downloading or install anything. On the same tab, there is also a "Continue Playing" row, where you can continue enjoying your favorite games on your device where you left off. 

Finally, there is the Reading tab that contains a list of your books or audiobooks that you bought from the Google Play Store, and if you are looking for your next book, you will find suggestions for best-selling or discount books, plus personalized recommendations based on what's trending and your interests to help you choose. 


Entertainment space will be available starting this month for Walmart onn. Tablets, and it will be launched later this year on new Android tablets and some current models from Lenovo, Sharp, and more, and it seems that enabling this feature will be through the OTA update that will be sent to these models, and not through a separate application installed From the Google Play Store or from an external source since this feature is integrated with the default launcher for these devices, which means that users on tablets that do not officially support this feature, may not be able to try it or take advantage of it. 

It is good to finally see Google showing a little interest in Android tablets, which are the devices that many people prefer to use, whether in their education or at work due to the large screen size and relatively cheap price, and especially since its usage is increased by 30 percent last year compared to a prior year, according to Google's own statistics.

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