Microsoft cancels Windows 10X

 Microsoft seems to be on its way again to cancel a promising project, or rather it was, shortly after it was announced and after a lot of suspense to it.

Windows 10X, the new "lite" version of Windows 10 that the company announced in 2019 and that was supposed to be released with the Microsoft Neo foldable device and which the company announced in the same year and at the same event -along with its smaller brother who runs on Android- before the company changed its plans and decided to launch Windows 10X first for single-screen devices this spring, to change its plans again and decide to postpone its launch to an unknown date during this year, and now a report from the Petri website states that this version of Windows 10 that may never reach consumers, or at least not as we know it soon.
When Microsoft launched Windows 10X, its goal was clear, to compete with Chrome OS from Google, the operating system in which Microsoft sees a real competitor in the education and business sectors, so it set a lower system requirements for Windows 10X, as it will just do basic or simple tasks, so he will not need huge resources, it made it is more secure and protected and secured than the regular version of Windows 10, so the company made the system partition on the hard disk hidden and read-only, so that no virus or malicious software could access it to harm it, and even the user himself does not have the right to modify system files, and of course it solved The annoying problem of Windows updates, which usually takes a long time to install, so it created a new mechanism by which Windows 10X is updated in just a few seconds, and on top of all this it has redesigned several elements in the system interface such as the Start menu, Control Center, File Explorer and the taskbar to look more modern, And yet there was something wrong or missing.

Windows 10X will not able to run traditional Win32 programs by default, all that it can run are UWP apps and web applications, so many of the famous and regular Windows applications will not be available when it is launched. To fix that, the company promised to provide an emulator to run Win 32 applications in Windows 10X sometime in the future, and these applications will only run-in in isolated containers for added security, but what about their performance? For example, how will a program like Adobe Premiere Pro perform when running in a container? This is the first Windows 10X problem.

Secondly, Windows 10X will not be available for sale separately, it will only be pre-installed on new PCs that will be manufactured specifically for this operating system, in other words, if you want to take advantage of this new operating system, buy a new computer, and despite these new devices, they will often be cheap, given that their technical specifications will be somewhat modest, not everyone is ready to buy a new computer, especially if it does not run all Windows applications with good performance, so I prefer, for example, to buy an Android tablet device on this.

Third, Microsoft currently has 1.3 billion active devices per month running the traditional Windows 10 OS, and with the Sunny Valley update under development, which is supposed to bring major changes to the operating system interface and a more modern look, and brings some features of Windows 10X to the normal Windows 10 later this year, so why releasing a Lite version of Windows 10 at this time will even make sense? Isn't it better for Microsoft to focus all efforts and resources on improving Windows 10 instead of wasting them to make a new version that they do not even know will succeed or not? I think that taking care of an operating system with 1.3 billion users will bring Microsoft more income than developing Windows 10X.

For all these reasons, Microsoft has postponed the launch of the Windows 10X operating system to a later date that only God knows, or maybe killing it completely, as happened with Windows 10 S and Windows RT before.

Have you been waiting for Windows 10X? And what of its features do you wish Microsoft brings for Windows 10? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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