Microsoft Edge is now available on Linux

Today, Microsoft announces the general availability of its new chromium-based browser for the Dev Channel for Linux.


Today’s release of Microsoft Edge offers both the Deb package for Debian-based distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Linux Lite...) and the RPM package for Fedora, and open SUSE distributions, and Microsoft is planning to release weekly builds alongside to the other supported platforms Windows and macOS).


Microsoft offers two ways for you if you want to try Edge on your Linux distribution, either by downloading and installing the Deb or RPM package directly from the Microsoft Edge Insider site, and this will configure your system to receive the browser's future updates automatically, or by adding the Microsoft’s Linux Software Repository manually to your system using the command line installation instructions on the Microsoft Edge Insider site which will also enable you to receive the future Microsoft Edge updates, but keep in mind that some features like Sync does not work yet on Linux; and you have to wait Microsoft to enable them in the future builds.

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