Windows Calculator is now available for Linux


The Microsoft's Windows Calculator, one of the Windows 10 core applications, has finally made her way to Linux thanks to the Uno platform.


The Uno Platform is a Universal Windows Platform Bridge that allows you build native mobile (for Android and iOS), desktop (macOS, and recently Linux), and WebAssembly apps with C# and XAML from a single code base. And since Microsoft has previously open sourced its Calculator app for Windows 10, The Uno platform team has been able to build a fully functional Linux app of the Windows Calculator using Visual Studio on Windows 10, then snapped the resulting application, and publish it to the Snap Store under the name “Uno Calculator” since they can not use the “Windows Calculator” name due to copyright issues.


The benefit of the Snap Store is that developers can publish their applications once in the store, and they will work the same way in all Linux distributions that have snapd package installed, and when they want update their apps, they have to make the changes they want only once, and the update will reach all users who use these apps.

Uno platform promises that updates will come regularly to the “Uno Calculator” app to provide performance improvements and enhanced fidelity, such as dark theme support, full keyboard support, etc., and you can now try the Uno Calculator on your Linux device by simply running this command on the terminal:

sudo snap --beta install uno-calculator

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