Microsoft alters the Timeline feature in Windows 10

Microsoft appears to be working to call off another useful feature in its upcoming Windows 10 update, as the company announced that the feature of synchronizing activities in the timeline between devices will not be available in personal Microsoft accounts starting from the 30th of next June.

Microsoft had introduced the timeline feature for the first time within the April 2018 update, which is a service that enables the user to synchronize all the activities that he performs in Windows 10 and other applications such as Word, Microsoft Store, Edge browser, and Google Chrome between all the devices that he logged to in with the same Microsoft account, so that he can continue his work where he left, on all his other devices, including Android and iOS, using Cortana or Microsoft Launcher on Android. However, the company had previously ended support for this feature on Microsoft's launcher on Android and had recently ended support for its personal assistant on Android and iOS, making the Timeline feature work exclusively between Windows 10 devices, but it looks like this will also be the change in the second half of the year when Microsoft will release the 21H2 update to the public users.

In the latest preview release of Windows 10 for Insiders launched yesterday evening for the Dev channel, version 21359, Microsoft announced that "if your activity history is synced across your devices through your Microsoft account (MSA), you will not be able to. The option to upload new activity to the schedule. Accounts linked to AAD will not be affected.", which means that future activities that the user sells will not be synced and will not be present on all his other devices running the same Microsoft account on Windows 10.

The company suggests using the option to Look at Recent Web Activities to view web history on Edge and other browsers, or view recently used files with OneDrive and Office.

Today, Microsoft added a note saying that Timeline and all your local activity history still remain on Windows 10, which confirms that future activities will not be saved in the cloud, but will only be available locally on Windows 10 devices.

The timeline feature may remain present in the upcoming versions of Windows 10, but without the sync feature, it loses a large part of its function, and Microsoft may completely remove it from the system in the future to join other useful features that the company removed from the system without any convincing reason.

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