Microsoft Edge 90 launched with Kids Mode, Password Monitor, and more

Microsoft has released a new version update of its Edge browser for the stable channel in desktop platforms, With many new features and enhancements to improve users' productivity.

Microsoft Edge version 90 comes with a new Kids Mode that gives parents peace of mind by providing a protected online environment as their kids browse the web on a shared device.

The Kids Mode is only available to U.S. users for now, and you can access it by simply clicking on your account profile in the upper right corner of Edge and select “Browse in Kids Mode.” From here, you’ll be asked to choose the appropriate age range for your child, either 5-8 or 9-12.

Both age groups are defaulted to the strictest tracking prevention level, blocking the majority of trackers for maximum privacy and minimum personalized ads, in addition to strict Bing SafeSearch, ensuring that adult text, images, and videos are blocked from your kids’ online searches.

Regardless of the age group, kids mode limits the sites that kids will have access to - from the start, there are about 70 popular kids sites allowed, but you can completely customize the list with a few clicks in Microsoft Edge's settings, and if your child tries to go to an outside site That allowed list, he'll be greeted with a friendly block page, encouraging him to ask permission or try to navigate elsewhere.

Edge's password manager got some attention with this update as well, so the Password Monitor feature is enabled for all users, to alert you When any of your passwords saved to the browser matches with those seen in the list of leaked credentials, and prompt you to update your password, and it also became possible to choose multiple passwords to clear it at once.

Autofill suggestions have also been expanded to address field content from the clipboard, and users can now search for autofill suggestions even if a form or field isn’t detected. Text-rendering improvements have also been made to improve clarity and reduce blurriness, and users can access downloads from a popup menu in the menu bar, where downloads will appear in the top-right corner with all active downloads in one place, so they can monitor the overall download progress directly from the toolbar.

Besides, starting with Microsoft Edge version 90, the UI print settings have been locked down to only allow the configured printers and “Print to PDF” options, and the launch of other applications from the browser has been restricted in the kiosk mode, and Single Sign-On (SSO) feature is now available for Azure Active Directory accounts and a Microsoft accounts on macOS, enabling a user who signed in to Microsoft Edge on macOS to automatically sign-in websites that are configured to allow SSO with Work and Microsoft accounts such as,

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