Telegram's First Update of The Year Brings Emojis As a Profile Picture, Full Chat Translation, and Better Network Stats

The instant messaging application Telegram got its first update this year, bringing with it a large number of new key features, up to 10, to give users more freedom and innovative ways to express themselves and communicate with the world.

First, Telegram now offers users the ability to set animated emojis and stickers as their profile picture. Users can choose any animated emoji or sticker they want to use as a profile picture within the wide collection that the instant messaging application offer, including the emoji and stickers that are intended for Premium users only, and the chosen picture will appear in one-to-one chats, as well as in the groups and channels that the user has joined.

Speaking of stickers and emojis, Telegram now sorts all stickers and emojis by the categories they belong to, in the panel, and when choosing reactions or statuses. You can also now long press on any sticker to zoom it and take a better look at it before sending it in a conversation.

Next, group admins can now choose and limit the types of media that members are allowed to share and exchange within the group. Administrators can, for example, prevent members from sending text, audio, and video messages within a "Photography enthusiasts" group, and only allow the exchange of photos to ensure no member is off the group theme.

Then, to make things easier for users with a limited internet plan, Telegram's developers redesigned the data usage page in the app's settings with simple, detailed pie charts. These charts enable users to accurately view the amount of data being consumed in the Telegram app, be it mobile data or Wi-Fi, and also provide them with the ability to adjust auto-download settings to suit their internet plan.

On the Data & Storage settings page, you can also control when media is automatically saved to your gallery based on its size, type (photo or video), and chat (private, channel, or group) it was received from. These auto-save settings can also be customized for each conversation, group, or channel individually, through the exceptions option, giving you better control over what you want to keep on your device gallery.

For Telegram Premium subscribers, it is now possible to translate entire chats, groups, and channels in real time by tapping on the new translation bar that appears at the top of conversations. This bar can also be tapped again to show the original text of the conversation. The translation bar also contains a side options menu that allows users to choose another language to translate into, offers a "Do Not Translate language" option, as well as an option to hide the translation bar entirely.

lastly, This update brings also 10 new custom emoji packs for Telegram Premium users, and 6 new interactive emojis (🦄 🙊 💊 😘 💘 🙉) for everyone, that can be used in 1-on-1 private chats or when doing a reaction on the conversation messages.

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