Microsoft is Removing the Xbox App in Windows 10 and Hiding Cortana From the Taskbar

Although the development of Windows 10 is not a priority or a concern for Microsoft anymore after the release of its modern successor Windows 11, Microsoft is still making some small changes here and there to the operating system via monthly Windows updates or via the Microsoft App Store to give users who don't They may or may not like the transition to Windows 11, a more polished Windows productivity environment.

This time, Microsoft has made a small change to the default look of the taskbar on Windows 10. Users will notice that after installing the latest available cumulative update for the operating system, known in the Microsoft knowledge base as KB5021233, the Cortana icon has disappeared from the list of pinned items on the taskbar.

Microsoft aims to simplify the taskbar experience for users with this change, as Microsoft's personal assistant Cortana is no longer of much use on Windows 10 (or any other operating system, frankly) and there is no point in having her icon on the taskbar anymore. indeed, it was always possible to hide the icon through the right-click menu many years ago, but with this update, Microsoft removes it now from the taskbar from the eyes of users once and for all.

In addition, after updating all apps pre-installed with Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store, users will also notice that the Xbox app has disappeared from the list of apps in the Start menu. And while there has been no official announcement from Microsoft as to why this Xbox app has been removed from Windows 10, users can still install the app from the Microsoft Store if they wish to.

 For many users, the Xbox app is not any real benefit to them, especially those who use Windows only for business or office tasks, or those who have a device with a modest configuration that does not allow playing games, but it seems that Microsoft insists on stuffing the Windows operating system with a lot of services and applications, although no one may use them, to obtain some revenue from advertising these applications on the one hand, and on the other hand, to provide everything that any user may need so that he does not need to install any additional app to start with Windows, making makes Windows suitable for all users out of the box.

These two changes may be so small that you hardly notice them, but they are a step in the right direction, as we hope to extend them to include later deleting Xbox, Cortana, and all other bloatware applications from Windows 10 and Windows 11 permanently, to make the Windows system suitable More Productivity again, as it was with the legendary Windows 7, the latest version of Microsoft's operating system provided the ultimate user experience for PC users.

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