Mozilla Firefox 108 is Now Available for Download


A few days away from the end of 2022, the non-profit organization Mozilla has released the last stable version of the year for its popular open-source web browser, Firefox 108.

As usual, this new Firefox version doesn't have a lot of new things worth mentioning this time either, but just a few improvements here and there to improve the overall user experience while surfing the web. Among these improvements, the browser's background tabs processes have been made to use efficiency mode on Windows 11 devices to reduce resource usage, a new "Shift + Esc" keyboard shortcut has been added to enable users to open the Process Manager faster, and Firefox is now finally supporting non-English characters when saving and printing PDF forms.

Moreover, The bookmarks toolbar's default "Only show on New Tab"  state works correctly with empty new tabs, Firefox can now properly color images tagged with ICCv4 profiles, and WebMIDI API support has been added to the browser to enable it to connect to and interact with Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) Devices.

Firefox also brings 108 security fixes for eight security Vulnerabilities discovered in the browser, five of which are classified as critical, which is reason enough to advise users who use Firefox to update to this new version as soon as possible. Firefox is a free web browser available on all platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS), and you can download it directly from the official Mozilla website in any language you prefer via the following link:


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