Samsung Officially Announces the Death of the Galaxy Note Series

During the MWC 2022 event currently taking place in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung officially announced the death of the popular Galaxy Note series. The announcement was made by Roh Tae-moon, President of Samsung Electronics Mobile Experience (MX) business during his meeting with journalists, according to the dailian South Korean website.

This announcement is not surprising, as rumors began circulating about the end of the Note series immediately after Samsung decided not to release the Galaxy Note phone last year and added S-Pen support for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung had justified not issuing Note phones at the time by the shortage in the semiconductor sector in the world, and that the company would not be able, because of this shortage, to meet the large demands for this series, which is among the best-selling phone series at Samsung.

Last month, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S22 Series smartphones, and the remarkable thing at the time was the release of the Galaxy S22 Ultra with the same design and look like the Note series phones, including a built-in S-pen slot, which meant that there would be no Galaxy Note phone, at least this year.

According to Roh Tae-moon, the Samsung Galaxy S Ultra phones will replace the Note series from now on and confirms the rumors that were talking about that Samsung will merge the S and Note series to devote itself to focusing on other projects such as foldable phones, in which the South Korean company owns the lion's share in the market with nearly 96 percent, according to the latest statistics and reports.

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