Vivaldi 5.1 has been released! This is what's new

Vivaldi is one of the most feature-rich and most customizable web browsers, with built-in apps for notes, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and a Feed Reader. And with each new release, the browser development team adds more features to make the user focus on their work without having to switch between apps.

Yesterday, version 5.1 of the browser was released, and it brought with it the horizontal scrolling feature for tabs, where you can now use the mouse to scroll between them. This is a useful feature for those who open a lot of tabs during their daily browsing. This feature is not enabled by default, you have to go to Settings →  Tabs → Tab display → Enable Horizontal Scrolling, to enable it.

This new release also brings a reading list feature to the browser, where users can now save web pages to a list to view later. Saved websites can be set as read/unread, making it easier for you to distinguish between a list of sites you've visited and those you haven't yet.

This feature is also not enabled by default, and you can enable it from the Settings → Address bar → Reading list. After you activate it, a book icon appears at the far right of the address bar, and after clicking on it, you will find a small popup where you can choose to add the current page to your reading list.

To make it easy for you to add to save webpages to the Reading List, you can set up a keyboard shortcut under Settings → Keyboard → Page, and search for "Add page to Reading List".

You can also set a mouse gesture under Settings → Mouse → Gestures mapping → click the "+" symbol, and search for "Add page to Reading List", click Next, and draw a new gesture in the highlighted area using your mouse or touchpad.

Finally, Vivaldi 5.1 adds a new Quick Settings panel to the start page to make it easier to customize. This panel is accessible via a new Settings button at the top right and contains the most common settings related to the start page from choosing background images to configuring the appearance of its components, and even configuring the speed dial panel.

This version includes also various bug fixes and improvements to the Calendar, Mail, Feeds reader, and other browser's UI, which you can check via this link.

Vivaldi 5.1 is a cross-platform browser, meaning that can run on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android (no iOS version yet). It's built on chromium engine version 98.0.4758.88, and you can download it on your PC, Mac, or mobile from the browser's official website via this link:

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