Slax 11.2.0 Lightweight Linux Distribution Has Been Released, This is What's New!


If you are looking for a portable, light and compact Linux distribution that you can put in a USB disk of 1 GB or less for emergency purposes, let me introduce you to Slack Linux, which got a new version a few days ago. 

Slax Linux is a live Linux distribution based on the stable version of Debian (since version 9.2.1) with a beautiful modern and wonderful design. It is a small and fast distribution (its size does not exceed 280 MB), and it works directly from a USB disk drive or from a CD/DVD without the need to install it. It also has the option to work from your computer's RAM, so you can carry the distribution with you in your pocket or bag anywhere you go.  The distro is very light on computer resources as it only requires 128MB of RAM to use the desktop, and 512MB of RAM to run the web browser 

Despite the small size of the distribution, it provides a beautiful graphical user interface (desktop environment) and most applications that users may need, such a file manager, an archives app, a web browser and a terminal emulator.  

All Slax files are located entirely in one directory (/slax), and you can install the distro by coping this folder to your hard drive, then double-clicking the file (or bootinst.bat if you are on Windows) found under the "/slax/boot/" directory. 

Last Tuesday, the developers of the distribution announced the availability of the new version 11.2.0 of Slax Linux, more than two years after the last release, and it features the EFI support for USB booting, and a complete update of all packages to the versions available in Debian Bullseye repositories. Furthermore, it provides full AUFS support (a union mount for Linux file systems), an improved network support for WIFI connections, enabled click by tap support for touchpads. 

Wicd (an open-source software tool for managing both wired and wireless networks for Linux) has been replaced by connman-gtk, and Google Chrome has been removed from the distro while retaining the shortcut that allows two-click installation of Chromium. Additionally, the xinput package has been added to the distribution, and the GNOME calculator and scite (text editor) are now part of Slax Linux's default programs list. 

Slax Linux is available for both 32B and 64-bit architectures, and you can download it for free from its official website, and you can also buy it pre-installed on a DVD or USB flash drive or on an AES Encrypted USB flash from the same site. 

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