DahliaOS Linux 220222 Released, based on Fuchsia, With a Completely Rebuilt Desktop, a New Window Manager, and Many Other Improvements

More than a year after its last release, Dahlia OS developers announced the release of a new version of the free and open-source Linux distribution based on the under-development Google operating system Fuchsia OS. 

Dahlia OS is a GUN Linux rolling distribution that consists of Google's Fuchsia operating system and Linux kernel and aims to create a modern, light, and reliable Linux operating system even on very old devices for users and developers as well. 

The system has a desktop interface called Pangolin UI, a Desktop shell written in Flutter, runs on Linux and Zircon systems. It contains most of the basic applications that the user needs and that are found in other operating systems such as a file manager, text editor, calculator, terminal emulator, Clock app, and web browser. Those default applications are written in Dart, and the OS support adding software from other operating systems using the Containers app. DahliaOS also provides a curated marketplace for third-party native Flutter applications, so you can use nearly every application within one system. 

Today, version 220222 has been released from the distribution, which carries important changes and updates that the development team has worked on over the past year, and includes a complete rewrite and redesign of the Pangolin desktop, the addition of a system search Functionality, a redesign of the launcher to separate applications into different categories, and improvements to the Taskbar to support pining and unpinning applications on it and allows minimizing all open application windows with a single click by pressing the Show Desktop button. 

The Quick Settings menu has been redesigned to prioritize the viewing of relevant information and configuration options, a new compact mode has been added to the launcher to provide users a familiar app menu similar to the one present in other OSes (when pressing the arrow in the top right-hand corner of the launcher), and the system has been moved over to BTRFS for increased speed and stability, and The Linux Kernel has been upgraded in this release to version 5.17-rc5. 

This version brings also a new window manager to the Pangolin desktop called Utopia, which improves the handling of windows and fixes memory issues caused by the previous window management solution. The Files, Settings, Terminal, and Calculator have received significant updates to functionality and visuals, and the distro has now a new web app manager runtime that will enable you to run web apps smoothly (You can install select web apps from the new web app manager app).   

Last but not least, DahliaOS uses now network-manager for faster scanning and easier configuration, and it supports a variety of virtualization solutions, including Linux under QEMU and Fuchsia under FImage. 

DahliaOS 220222 is available as a free download from its Github repository via the following link and is available in two versions, EFI and Legacy. You can also try the OS directly on your web browser by clicking on the button below to get a clearer idea of it, without having to download anything on your device. 

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