Samsung Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra Owners May Not Need a 45W Charger

The high charging speed is one of the key marketing points that smartphone manufacturers focus on when introducing a new phone, and although some Chinese companies have exceeded the 100-watt charging speed for a while, Apple and Samsung have not yet reached half of this number, as their flagship phones are still charging in a relatively long time compared to competitors.

Earlier this month, Samsung announced its flagship phone series for this year, the Galaxy S22 series, and among the new things in this series, was the support for the S22+ and S22 Ultra models for 45W charging, which is a significant improvement compared to the 25W found in the regular Samsung Galaxy S22 and in previous versions of the Galaxy S and Note series, but it seems that the fast charging of 45W on the Galaxy S22 series maybe just nonsense that does not exist in reality.

According to the experiments carried out by the GSMArena review team, it seems that there is no noticeable difference between charging the Samsung Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra with a 25W and 45W charger, as the two give close results that vary with each other in just a few minutes.

The website used 3 different chargers to make the comparison: original Samsung 45W and 25W chargers that support both Power Delivery Standards (PD) and Programmable Power Supplies (PPS), plus a third-party 65W PD charger for a good measure.

After 30 minutes of charging, the Samsung S22+ reached 62 percent using the 25W charger and only 64 percent using the 45W charger. For the S22 Ultra, during this time the phone was charged to 61% using a 25W charger, to 60% using a 45W charger, and to 65% using a 65W charger. 

In terms of charging the battery from 0 percent to 100 percent, it took the S22+ one hour and a minute using the 25-watt charger and a minute more time (1 hour and two minutes) using the 45-watt charger. The top model S22 Ultra took an hour and two minutes using the 65-watt charger, one hour and 4 minutes using the 25-watt charger, and 59 minutes using the cheapest 45-watt charger.

As the results show, using a 45-watt charger does not make any significant difference in terms of charging time, and therefore there is probably no need to spend about $40 to buy a 45-watt charger from Samsung, as the 25-watt charger from the company is half the price, It's enough.

These results and news may be sad for some, especially those who intend to buy these phones, but this is not new, as Google had done almost the same thing, as it presented the Pixel 6 phone as supporting 30 watts. Tests of reviewers showed that the phone supports only 22 watts.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones may not support 45W fast charging, but it is still one of the best options on the market today thanks to the integration of the powerful hardware it offers with its unique One UI interface experience, something, not every company can achieve.

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