Samsung is collaborating with Olympus to improve its smartphone cameras

Smartphone companies are racing to provide something new in every phone they launch, and the camera is one of the main things that they have focused a lot on developing lately by partnering with the giant imaging companies in the world, and it seems that Samsung will enter this race soon as well.

The reliable leaker Yogesh confirmed in his Twitter account that Samsung may have already started working with the ancient Japanese company Olympus specialized in the manufacture of optical and imaging products to bring its technologies to the upcoming Samsung flagship phones and that the first fruits of this cooperation may appear in a special edition of the Samsung Fold 3 smartphone, expected to be launched this summer.

For his part, the famous leaker IceUniverse on Weibo confirmed that he learned from his sources that this partnership between Samsung and Olympus is true.

Although there are no exact details about this partnership between the two companies, according to some rumors, this may lead to a large sensor camera with 200-megapixel resolution in the upcoming S22 Ultra phone, which is expected to be released in the S22 series in January or February of Next year, or maybe a sensor-shifting camera, which is a technique that Apple introduced with iPhone 12 Pro Max last year, and it allows the camera to move its image sensor independently of the rest of the device, reducing vibrations and results in sharper images without shake.

This partnership greatly benefits Samsung as it will allow it to bring cameras with good imaging technologies to its flagship smartphones that will help it to stay in the fierce competition in this field, especially since most other smartphone companies have already formed partnerships with major photography companies in the world as Huawei with Leica, Nokia and Sony with Carl Zeiss, or recently OnePlus with Hasselblad.

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