Arch Linux 2021.04.01 released with a new guided installer

If you are looking for a good alternative to your current operating system, be it Windows or macOS, that respects your privacy and does not track you all the time and does not collect any of your data, then Linux is definitely what you are looking for. In the world of Linux, you are not restricted to a single operating system that forces you to use it as it is, or allows you to make small, useless customizations, but there are hundreds and thousands of systems or, more precisely, distributions to choose from. If you do not like something in a distribution, you can simply change it, or switch to another distribution that meets your needs, or you can even create your own distribution as you want with the programs and applications you want and for free. You can download most Linux distributions for free and try them without having to install them on your computer, and there are several desktop interfaces to choose from, most of which are customizable to the maximum.

Arch Linux is one of the popular Linux distributions that are literally customizable to the limit. You can during the installation process choose the desktop environment you want (or just limit yourself to a window manager), the applications and tools you need, and you can even choose the version of the kernel you want and customize it to suit your computer's hardware. In Arch Linux you can also install any program you want with just one command in the terminal or from the program manager itself, everything is in the distribution repositories or in the AUR community repository, and you will not need to build anything from the source except in very rare cases.

However, the downside to Arch is that it installs entirely via the command line, which makes it not suitable for beginners. But that has changed now, as distribution has finally integrated a guided installer in this month's ISO image release (version 2021.04.01).

April's release of Arch Linux comes with the "Archinstall" package, a guided or automated installer that helps users install Arch Linux on their computers with ease.

 The Archinstall package assists the user in preparing the basic elements during the distro installation process by entering the "archinstall" command after booting the ISO, such as setting the keyboard layout, choosing the timezone, the download mirror location, choosing the hard drive on which to install Arch with giving him the option to set a password for encrypting the disk, the file system type to use,  the desktop environment, the graphic card drivers,  setting the password for the root account,  and as well adding new users to the device.

Although the idea of ​​including an additional installer next to the default installer in Arch Linux seems like a great idea, this installer still doesn't give many important options during the installation process, such as the option to manually partition the hard drive, as the Archinstall package wipes all the hard drive files automatically Automatic, as well it does not provide many desktop environments to choose from, or the ability to choose the language or specific kernel version to use, which makes it perhaps not the best choice for beginners who want to install the system for the first time, but nevertheless, without a doubt, this tool will help Millions of people around the world who know even little about Linux can quickly install and start using Arch Linux in just a few minutes instead of wasting time writing loads of commands by using the default installer.

And for those looking for an easier way to install Linux Archives, they can either use some scripts that simplify the installation process like archfi script or using an arch based-distribution like Manjaro, Garuda, EndeavourOS, ArcoLinux, or Reborn OS.

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