Telegram will get group link QR codes, widget support, and more

Telegram is an instant messaging app that has gained a lot of popularity recently, especially after the hype caused by the new update of WhatsApp's privacy policy, and since then the app developers try to bring as many as possible new exclusive features or copying some of WhatsApp features to attract new users, and keep existing ones. And after permitting users to transform their entire WhatsApp discussions to the app in the previous update, Telegram appears to be preparing to release another significant amount of features in the next update to boost its position among competitors.


These new features to be included in the upcoming updates arrive in a new beta update (version 7.5.0) released a few days ago for Android users, which includes adding a new group invitations feature with QR code and expiration time settings, allowing the group administrators to create an invitation link, and generate a QR code share it with others to enable them to join the groups more easily. The group admins can also set an expiration time and use limit, so the link expires automatically after a certain time, or after it has been used a certain number of times.



Group admins can set a timer for group messages to self-destruct on Telegram beta 7.5.0, this feature can be accessed from a three-dot menu of the group chat, and there, admins can set an auto-delete mode for 24 hours or 7 days.


This new update will bring also a per-chat notification setting allowing users to granularly configure notification sound for every chat, here they can select chats, groups, or channels and configure notification settings for all of them at once or per chat individually, and this new version also allows users to choose from multiple options for reporting content to Telegram moderators. There you can find a section where you can describe your complaint in detail. Additionally, you can select multiple messages to file a complaint at once.

Telegram 7.5.0 will support also widgets, and you can select a list of chats and channels to be shown on the widget. Widgets also could be of two types: list and folder.


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