Firefox 86 released with Total Cookie Protection, multi Picture-in-picture, and more

The new stable version of the Firefox web browser has been launched with new features that aim to improve users' productivity and security online.

Firefox 86 comes with a new privacy protection tool called 'Total Cookie Protection' available in the Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) Strict Mode (under Settings > Privacy & Security panel) in both the desktop and Android versions. This new tool prevents cookies from tracking you across the web by creating a separate cookie jar for each website you visit to prevent cookies from one site being used to track you across different sites.

This release introduces also the multi Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support which allows users on Linux, Mac, and Windows to play and watch multiple videos in the PiP mode simultaneously, each of them has the keyboard arrow navigation support when focused, for fast-forward and rewind in 10-second increments.

The Print functionality has been improved as well in this version with a cleaner design and better integration with the computer's printer settings, the credit card management, and auto-fill are now enabled For Firefox users in Canada, the Reader mode now works with local HTML pages, the protection to mitigate the stack clash attack has been activated on Linux and Android, and the screen reader has seen some improvements in this release as well.

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