Windows 11 22H2 November Security Update Released with a Bunch of New Features

Microsoft has released the November security updates for all supported Windows versions from Windows 7 ESU to Windows 11, which brings fixes for some discovered bugs and vulnerabilities in the operating system, as well as new features for Windows 11 2022 (better known as Windows 11 22H2) for the first time since the company introduced it, nearly two months ago.

This month's security update for Windows 11 22H2 comes under the name KB5019980 in Microsoft Knowledge Base, and it lifts the OS version to 22621.819 after installing it.

KB5019980 brings a visual update to Windows File Manager and makes it look cleaner and more organized. Windows Explorer now comes with a new Homepage that gives you quick access to your favorite and recent files including files stored on OneDrive. 

In addition, Windows Explorer supports tabs, which help users to organize their work and get things done faster. However, even though the feature is available to everyone, it is still non-complete as File Explorer does not yet support tab arrangement, and you cannot drag and drop items from one tab to another to copy or move them as well.

This month's update also adds some tweaks to the taskbar, as the "Task Manager" shortcut has been added to the taskbar right-click menu to allow users faster access to it, and some visual treatments have been made to the search icon to make it more discoverable as the search icon has been placed inside a frame with rounded edges and next to it the word "search" appears. These two new tweaks have only been rolled out to a small group of users at the moment, and are expected to reach all users in the coming weeks.

Moreover, when you have multiple apps opened at once, and the taskbar runs out of space to open new app windows, the taskbar will now offer an entry point to a three dots menu that allows you to view and navigate all your overflowed apps in one space, which is a very useful feature especially for users how prefers keeping all their apps open while working on their PCs.

Finally, the November Security Update for Windows 11 2022 Update also contains a new change that enables users to control and manage their One Drive subscription and related storage alerts in one place right from the Account Settings page in the Settings app, making it easier for users to monitor and manage their subscriptions and storage space in one place.

You can get the KB5019980 update for Windows 11 22H2 directly by going to the Settings app →  Windows Update, and then clicking on the "Check for Updates" button, where the update will be downloaded and installed automatically. Alternatively, you can also download it from the  Microsoft Update Catalog and install it manually In case it is not available for you on the Windows Updates page for some reason.

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