The Unified OneNote App Finally Comes to the Microsoft Store

The OneNote app on Windows is available in the form of two applications, one of which is the UWP application that is called OneNote for Windows 10, and the other is the classic Win32 application that comes within the Microsoft 365 plans and is available for download for free via the official OneNote website.

Last year, Microsoft announced its plans to unify the two apps in one to bring users a modern and improved user experience. This day has finally come, as the company announced the arrival of the new unified OneNote app on the Microsoft Store.

Furthermore, the old UWP OneNote has already been hidden from the Microsoft Store and will not get any new feature updates, and when searching for OneNote on the store app, only the new unified app will be shown to install.

This change does not mean that Microsoft has developed a new OneNote app, but the company has only made the OneNote app that comes as part of Microsoft 365 subscriptions in the Microsoft Store, in addition, it redirects users' search for OneNote for Windows 10 towards the OneNote Win32 app.

This will get users to install the same OneNote app, and ensure they get the same experience and features that Microsoft has been working on adding to the app in the last 12 months including a refreshed visual interface, and the new inking and dictation experience.

Additionally, with the Windows 11 2022 Update, Microsoft is adding a new way to launch a new Quick Note by pressing the pen button if you have a Windows PC with a touch screen, to help you take a note in faster way.

Finally, OneNote for Windows 10 will still be supported until October 2025 so you don't need to uninstall it if you have it on your device, and you can also still install it if you want, by following this link.

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