Niagara Launcher Goes Global

One of the most beautiful things about Android phones is the great ability to customize, as you can change most of the settings and options of your smartphone to suit your taste and uses. Changing The phone's default launcher is one of the things you do on all Android phones, and there are already dozens of launchers that you can download and try today on your phone.

Niagara Launcher is a free, modern, and simplified Android launcher designed to help you stay focused, by keeping your phone's home screen clean and distraction-free, with only a list of your favorite and frequently used apps on it. You can also add your favorite widgets to it to make it fit your needs.

Niagara Launcher is available in two versions, a free version that includes all the basic functions of a launcher app, while the second version (also known as Niagara Launcher Pro) contains additional tools and customization features to provide users with more options to make their phone more unique. This second version is paid in order to enable developers to maintain the launcher, and add new features to it on an ongoing basis, and you can get it either with an annual subscription or a one-time purchase.

Like most Android smartphones, the Pro version is purchased via the Google Play Store, which makes Niagara Pro unavailable for many users who do not have Google Play Services on their devices, such as users from China, Huawei phone owners, and users who prefer to use privacy-focused Custom ROMs without Google Play Services.

To distribute Niagara Pro independently from Google Play, the Launcher's developers have added a new feature to the just-released Niagara Launcher version 1.8.0 called "Niagara ID".

Niagara ID is an account system that enables you to link the Pro version of the launcher once purchased via the Google Store to your email (via Niagara Settings > Niagara Pro > Manage membership > Add email), which makes it easier to restore the Pro version, after a new installation or a re-installation, on your other devices, even if they are without Google services or if they are not linked to your Google account with which the purchase was made.

After linking an email to your account, you can use your membership on a total of three devices without needing to sign in with your Google account. Just click on “Niagara Pro”, then click on “Restore Membership”, and you will be asked to enter and confirm the email you added to your membership.

As the first feature of using the Niagara ID, the developers were able to decouple the Niagara Pro and Weather Widget from the Google Play license, and in the future, they plan to build more features that use Niagara ID such as the end-to-end encrypted cloud backups.

Finally, the price of the Niagara Pro will see some changes starting from 1st December 2022, as it will go from $5.99, 5.99 € or 100 ₹ per year to $ 9.99, 9.99 €  or ₹120 (depending on which country you live in), and from $14.99, 14.99 € or 250 ₹ for the one-time purchase to $29.99, 29.99€ or ₹350. So if you like to switch to the Pro version and especially you want to make the one-time purchase option, you should hurry to purchase the application before this date.

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