Firefox 107 Released, This is What's New

The new version of the free and open-source web browser, Firefox 107, has reached the stable channel, bringing with it a few performance optimizations and bug fixes, in addition to patching 20 vulnerabilities that were discovered in the browser, 9 of which are described as critical.

Firefox 107 is a small update that comes only with one feature which is the Power profiling support for Linux and mac PCs with an intel CPU, enabling those OS users' to visualize performance data recorded from web browsers to monitor and know how much CPU resources consomme websites they visit, and therefore how much power these websites are consuming, which is, therefore, an important feature, especially for laptops users. This feature has been supported on Windows 11 and Apple Silicon devices for a while now, and it's a good idea to extend its support to Linux devices as well.

This release also improves instance performance when Microsoft Input Method Editor (IME) and Defender retrieve the URL of a focused document in the Windows 11 version 2022 update, and for developers, Firefox 107 also adds a new argument that allows DevTools to be opened automatically from the “webext” command line tool to make it easier to run and test their web extension. A new "Reload" button has also been added to the DevTools toolbox to help developers see changes as they are made in the WebExtension source code.

Firefox 107 is available for download from the official Mozilla website, and although it is a small version, it is important that you update to this new version as soon as possible if you are using Firefox as your main web browser. If you are a Linux distribution user, this update should have been available in your distribution's repositories for the next few days, or you can also install it as a flatpak or snap app.

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