VLC 3.0.17 is Available for Download, This is What's New!

The VideoLAN project has announced the release of version 3.0.17 of the VLC free and open-source media player. This new version comes months after the last version of the player, and it carries several new features in addition to many improvements and bug fixes.

First, VLC 3.0.17 comes with a bunch of new features including support for the DTS LBR (Low Bit Rate) decoder and DAV video files, adding support for uncompressed audio in mp4 files, allowing brackets in the path part of URLs, and supporting WebP image mapping,  support for spatial audio on iOS and tvOS, reworked volume management on Android devices, added safe area handling on macOS, and an updated YouTube script.

In Addition, ffmpeg has been updated to version 4.4, libflac to 1.3.4, dav1d to 0.9.2, fribidi to 1.0.11, libass to 0.15.2, mpg123 to 1.29.3, libnfs to 5.0.1, and AOM encoder to version 3.1.1.

This new version also brings up a lot of improvements to VLC users including improving the HTTP2 memory usage, the AVCapture module, and the AudioCD support (audio/data mixed mode, MusicBrainz), improving SMB compatibility by changing the read size, improving UPnP compatibility with some servers, improve preferences search, as well as several improvements on the SRT modules (including streamID).

Besides, VLC 3.0.17 brings many bug fixes such as:

  •  Fixing the support for screen capture on macOS with avcapture.
  • Fix some HEVC hardware decoding on Windows and crashes when aspect ratio changes.

  • Fix hardware decoding for some AMD GPU drivers. 
  • Fix the playback of live AV1 streams.

  • Fix an infinite loop in MP4.
  • Fix some lip sync issue in rare MPEG-TS streams.

  • Fixup user provided URLs on macOS.
  • Fix crashes with VP9 streams.

  • Fix missing audio start of Opus audio in MKV/WebM.
  • Fix styling issues with subs tx3g (mp4) tracks.

  • Fix attachments extractions in Ogg files.

Last, Version 3.0.17 of VLC does not appear on its official website directly for download yet, as VideoLAN has not officially revealed this new version yet, but it is already on the project server, and you can download it for Windows, macOS, and Linux via the following link:

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