Microsoft Releases A New Update to Windows Subsystem for Android

 Microsoft has released an update for Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) for Windows 11 Insiders on all channels with several new features and improvements, including some major changes to video playback, Windows integration, and security updates.

The Windows Subsystem for Android is a feature of Windows 11 that allows users to run Android apps available in the Amazon Appstore on their device. The feature has been in testing for several months with Insiders and wasn't released to all Windows 11 users until last month.

This update (version 2203.40000.1.0) comes with hardware-accelerated H.264 video decoding support, which means Android apps on Windows 11 should run more smoothly and provide a better experience when playing H.264 videos. 

The integration between Windows email clients and mobile apps has also been improved with this update, allowing email links in Android apps (installed via WSA) to be opened in native Windows 11 email apps.

Microsoft added a fix to enable users to disable Multisampling Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) in games apps. MSAA helps improve image quality in games, but it may cause some performance issues sometimes. Previously Microsoft used to force-enabling anti-aliasing MSAA, without giving users the ability to disable it. Now they can.

Lastly, Microsoft also made improvements to general inputs in the Windows subsystem for Android, which resulted in improved scrolling in the Amazon Appstore and Kindle apps.

Windows Subsystem for Android is a Microsoft Store app, so if you are a Windows Insider, you can update it to this new version (2203.40000.1.0) by opening the Store, then going to Library → Get updates.

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