The Document Foundation Released The First LibreOffice 7.3 Point Release, Addressing 96 Bugs

The Document Foundation has announced the first sub-release of version 7.3 of the free and open-source office suite LibreOffice released a few weeks ago. 

LibreOffice 7.3.1 is a bug-fixing release, and it does not come with any new feature of the office suite. Instead, it contains a total of 96 fixed bugs to provide a better experience for users who prefer to use Libre Office for their work rather than proprietary Microsoft Office programs. 

The list of fixed bugs in LibreOffice 7.3.1 includes the following: 

  •  LibreOffice crashes on startup with 'invalid cast' on the Wayland session in the KDE Plasma desktop when SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN is set to gtk3. 
  •  Pasting an HTML table into LibreOffice Calc can jumble the table up. 

  • Slow typing with version 7.1 or above on Windows 11. 

  • Calc doesn't merge cells correctly when pasting merged content from HTML . 

  •  Opening PPTX with images behind masks shows these images incorrectly.  

  • On filtered list an autofill upwards erases data. 

  • Chart does not update via Menu Tools/Update/Charts.  

  • Master objects in a LibreOffice Draw document export with TIFF but not PNG or GIF when exported with transparency. 

  • Draw/Writer cannot modify the unit of measure through the ruler above the workspace when the LibreOffice user interface is in Chinese. 

  • The Header/Footer is missing on the second page when exporting DOCX documents from ODT in Writer. 

  • Can't open the help page when inserting a chart on calc.  

  • Image toolbar in Calc contains an unnecessary blank area and a corresponding menu option with no text.  

  • Adding and modifying animations in long presentations is painfully slow. 

  • In Writer, Undo deletes everything after Paste Special as RTF. 

  • The corner of the screen appears white when presenting, using the Lights template on Windows. 

  • The color Palette extensions list is empty.  

  • Calc crashes when pasting data into filtered cells. 

  • Auto Calculate does not work on newly inserted columns in ods or xls formats. 

  • LibreOffice Freezes when using “Link to External Data” for fetching data from external web sources. 

  • LibreOffice crashes when opening the paragraph properties from an outline.  

  • Double-clicking an element in Navigator shows it in the middle of the document view instead of at the top. 

  • Export from Calc document with Unicode characters belonging to Unicode category Cn to xlsx produces a corrupt file. 

  • Chart Design in Colibre does not align with the theme. 

  • Writer crash after adding rectangle, add link and delete it. 

  • Calc SUBSTITUTE function slows down disproportionately as text length increases. 

  • Calc Autofilter Dropdown does not show "Cancel" and "OK" buttons.

The full list of these fixed bugs can be found by following the following links (1, 2, and 3). You can download the new version from the official LibreOffice website, and if you are using a Linux distribution, you can either wait for the update to reach your distribution's repositories, or install LibreOffice as a self-updating snap package, as an AppImage,  or as a Flatpak if you wish too. 

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