Firefox 98 is Available For Download With A New Improved Download Flow


The next version of the free and open-source Firefox web browser is already available for download, and this time, Firefox 98 comes with some new features, unlike the previous version of the browser.

First and foremost, Firefox now has a new optimized download flow: the browser no longer asks what to do for each file you want to download. Instead, files are downloaded automatically. The files you download will be immediately saved to your disk and will not be placed first in a Temp folder anymore.

 Additionally, every time you start a download, Firefox will automatically display the Downloads panel by default to help you easily find downloaded files. To avoid having to close it multiple times, the Downloads panel will not appear if there are multiple downloads in progress. You can click on a file in the Downloads panel to open it even before it has finished downloading. Firefox will open the file immediately once it is available.

Continuing with changes related to downloads in Firefox 98, When downloading a file, you can now set a preference to always open similar files by right-clicking the download item in the Downloads panel. You can also delete downloaded files directly from the download panel and other download views using the context menu.

Next, as we previously reported, Firefox 98 may change the default search engine for some users, since Mozilla Corporation was unable to reach an agreement with some search engines to continue to include them in Firefox, so Mozilla removed them from the browser.

The Compatibility sidebar panel in the DevTools Inspector already available on pre-release channels is now available on Firefox 98 release channel.

This panel provides compatibility warnings for the CSS properties used on the selected element, as well as for the overall page, and developers may use it to detect web-compatibility issues early, without having to test in each browser.

Last but not least, the <dialog> HTML element already available on pre-release channels is now available on the release channel in version 98, and non-blocking calls webRequest are no longer cause the early start-up of an extension.

Firefox 98 will be officially released tomorrow, March 8th, 2022, for Windows, macOS, and Linux, but you can download it right now by following the link below.


{getButton} $text={Download Firefox 98.0} $icon={download} $color={#ff8002}

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