Zorin OS 16 Education Launches with New Apps to Make Education Accessible to All

The Zorin OS Linux development team announced the availability of Zorin 16 Education and Zorin 16 Education Lite versions for download.

Zorin OS 16 is a Linux distro based on the long-term supported version of Ubuntu 20.04.2, and it comes with a well-customized interface to make it familiar to new users coming from other operating systems. There are three versions of Zorin, namely Core, Lite, and Pro. 


 The Core version provides essential features and software for everyday use and comes with a modified GNOME interface, while the Lite version allows users with modest and old PCs to enjoy the latest software and features available without having to purchase a new PC, as it comes with the lightweight and resource-saving XFCE desktop interface.

The Pro version has all the features of the Core version plus additional desktop layouts to make the system look like Mac and Windows 11, it also includes a video editor, photo editor, illustration software, audio workstation, animation software, To-do app, e-book reader, accounting software, and many other programs included. 

Zorin OS Education is a Zorin OS Core or Lite version with many educational applications and games preloaded out of the box to make the learning experience simple, possible, and accessible to everyone, including people who own a computer with outdated hardware specifications or those who do not have access to for the internet. 

Zorin OS 16 Education comes with a set of new applications to enhance the learning experience in the classroom, at home, or even offline.  


This version comes with the integrated Kolibri Education software, which allows downloading thousands of educational materials from videos, books, and interactive lessons, from dozens of open learning platforms such as Sikana, Khan Academy, Open Stax, MIT, and TED-Ed, then collecting and organizing them into a library that can be accessible with or without the Internet. 

You can also add books and educational materials from an external source such as an attached storage disk or an SD card, a local network, or import them from a Kolibri library installed on another device. 

Zorin OS 16 Education also comes with Minder, a powerful mind mapping app that helps you clearly express your thoughts and notes, Minuet music teaching app, and OpenBoard interactive whiteboards app. 

This release also comes with a modern, light, and simple e-book reader called Foliate, which has a built-in book catalog where you can download countless public domain books for free. 

Zorin OS Education 16 will receive software and security updates until April 2025, and brings all the benefits of Zorin OS 16 such as a new Appearance app, an updated and improved desktop, a new tour app, support for touchpad gestures, a large software catalog thanks to the integration of the Flathub repository and the pre-configured Snap apps support in it, as well as software found in the Ubuntu & Zorin OS APT repositories. 

You can download Zorin OS Education 16 and Education 16 lite from the distro's official website via the following links:

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