Meet Bio Dot Link: A Service to create one link for all your links

When you start a new business or project, one of the things that you must do is to create a website and e-mail for your project, and also open pages or accounts on social networks, to let the world know about you and your project. 

After completing all these processes, which may take only a few minutes, you will have to put all your account links from these platforms, which may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and others on your business card or in a place where it is easy to notice these links, to get followers, audience, or even potential customers. 

You should collect and publish these links in a small space. Of course, no one would like to get a long boring business card, or an entire page full of your account links and contact information. Given such a small space that you have to publish them on, you will need something or a service that will facilitate this task for you. Well, let me suggest you a service that enables you to gather all your links in one unified address.

When a follower or a customer enters this address, he will find all your social accounts links, your website link, and your contact information: this service is called bio dot link

Bio. link is a service recently launched by the Buy Me a Coffee team to help artists, writers, musicians, podcasters, YouTubers, gamers, developers, hobbyists, brands, and more, easily reach their audience, followers, and customers. 

Buy Me a Coffee is a service that aims to make it easier than ever to support and thank your favorite creators by buying them a cup of coffee (starting at $1) as a small gift to encourage them to continue the great work they are doing.

Content creators can also create custom membership levels to make it possible for their followers to support them, if they want, on a monthly basis.

 To create an account, go to the website, choose the username you want to use, and hit the Claim Link button. After that, a page will appear asking you to enter a valid email and set a password to complete the process of registering with the service. You can also register with Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Apple. 

Confirm your e-mail via a message you will receive, and congratulations! You now have a bio dot link account.

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Last Monday, Bio dot link also introduced Android and iOS applications to facilitate managing and controlling your account.

Mobile apps come with an elegant and modern UI, and almost the same functionality as the website (the option to create custom themes is not available yet).

The next step is to select a name for your page, upload an image of your account (you can use your project or business logo, or any other image you like), and enter your Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok username.  Don't worry, you can add more later.

 After completing all the previous steps, you will be redirected to your account settings page, where you will be able to choose the format of the web address leading to your page (you can choose between, or,, show an NSFW warning, change your username, set your Google Analytics ID, and even delete your account entirely if desired. 

In the "Links" tab, you can add all your social accounts links and your contact information. Choose" SOCIALS" (at the bottom of the page) to set and display links at the top of your page, or "+ add link" to display them in vertical columns like on my profile

When you add a link, you will be able to customize its title and icon, and you can either upload an image of the link or browse the free image library provided by the site. You can add endless links to your profile for free. 

Next, there is the "Design" tab, where you can pick a theme for your profile. You can pick a theme from the suggested library, or create your own custom theme. There is the Stats tab, which provides you with the latest detailed statistics for your account. 

Besides all that, you can also request the verification of your account with a blue tick, from the site team through their Twitter account to add more reliability to you and your business. This verification request does not require any specific requirements or procedures, and the team usually responds quickly. offers all these amazing features and capabilities for free, allowing content creators, especially those who are just starting out, to focus on their work and publish it to their followers and audience at no additional costs. 

The service also provides a paid service to build your email list to get new followers, and send your latest updates and offers to them via emails, making bio dot link, an all-in-one platform for content creators to move their business and creativity forward with complete comfort and without worrying about anything.

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