Telegram 8.4 released with a Translation feature, new Interactive Emojis, Spoilers, and more

The Telegram developers continue to introduce new creative features every once in a while, to enrich and improve the user experience by providing more tools and customizations for the way he communicates with his friends, family, and workgroups to facilitate his daily life. The latest version 8.4 introduces a new set of these features, including reactions, and spoilers, and more.

The reactions feature works as its name suggests, it enables the user to interact with chat messages with up to 11 different emojis. This feature is available in groups and channels, and it is not turned on by default, admins must go to the channel (or group) settings and scroll to the bottom of the page where they will find the option to turn it on. They can also select the emojis they will allow users to use to interact with the channel or group messages. Interactions are also available in private chats, which are turned on by default.

Interactions are also available in private chats, which are turned on by default.

Double-tap a message to send the default quick reaction (👍), or for more reactions, tap once on the message (or tap and hold, if you're on iOS). Each reaction is shown with beautiful animation on the screen.

You can change your default reaction to another emoji in settings, but it is currently not possible to choose a custom emoji outside the 11 suggested by default.

This version also introduces and as mentioned above, a feature called Spoilers, a feature that will allow users to hide part of a message text when sending it by selecting the new "Spoiler" formatting.

The hidden text will appear to others only if they click on it, which is a useful feature when discussing a series or a movie, for example, to avoid spoiling some events on chat members.

Telegram users will also be able to translate any message into another language directly in the application.

The translation feature can be enabled through the Settings > Language menu, and an additional translation option will appear to the context menu when a message is selected. You can also dismiss any language you are fluent in - which will hide the translation button for those messages.

The translation feature is available on all Android devices that support Telegram, but it requires iOS 15 or newer on Apple devices.

In Telegram 8.4, You can generate QR codes for any users that have a public username. This also works for groups, channels, and bots, making it easy to show someone your favorite blog or fan club.

Tap the new QR code icon next to the username of a person (or from a chat’s info page), choose the colors and pattern that fit best, then print, post, or share your QR code to other apps. A QR code for your own username can be obtained in Settings.

Last but not least, this new version also contains some additional interactive emojis. Interactive emojis are emojis that have a full-screen animation effect when you tap on them in a private conversation, adding to these emojis more realism.

This feature was introduced with version 8.2 of Telegram with 6 interactive emojis ( 🎆 🎉 🎈 👍 💩 and ❤️), and this new version adds 7 new icons (🔥 😁 🤩 😢 😭 😱 ❄️) to the list to make chatting in Telegram more fun.

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