Google is adding a new Offers tab to the Play Store

Google Play Store is the most popular and safe place to find apps, games, etc. on Android phones, and since the store has millions of them, it is not easy to find the special offers and discounts available for every app, game, or movie on the store, but fortunately, that will change very soon.

 This week, Google announced the addition of a new tab to its store, to help users discover deals in games and apps across travel, shopping, media & entertainment, and fitness. 

The new tab is located at the bottom of the store's home page between the Applications, Movies & TV tabs, and it will include personalized offers for the user, according to what he uses or watches on his Android device.

 The new tab includes several sections such as "Deals for apps you might like" that will help the user easily find deals relevant to him. Google says it works with developers of some top apps and games on Google Play to add new, fresh deals every day. 

The Offers tab includes game discounts and in-game Items that contain limited-time deals for in-game tokens and in-app purchases, Movies and Books discounts to help the user find the latest discounts on movies and books to rent or buy them, Apps that provide a 30-day free trial or an extended trial at no cost, in addition to rewards and bundled offers that include apps that offer free delivery, free rides, or other rewards. 

This new tab will enable users to discover limited offers for items they use or are interested in, and it also presents an excellent opportunity for developers to advertise their apps and games, gain more users, and generate more income. 

The Offers tab will be available in the Google Play Store for users in the United States, India, and Indonesia in the next few weeks. Google will expand the availability of the Offers tab to more countries later this year.

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