Fortnite Mobile will be back on iPhone and iPad soon

 If you are an Apple mobile device owner, and you are missing out on the Fortnite mobile game on your iPhone or iPad, I have some good news for you: you will soon be able to play Fortnite directly from the Safari browser without having to install anything on your device.

With a partnership with Epic, Nvidia, through its GeForce Now game streaming service, announced a closed beta program for the game Fortnite Mobile on Android devices, as well as on iPhone and iPad devices.

 Unlike the version that is now available on the streaming platform for Android devices, which is a desktop version of Fortnite, this new version of the game will support touch control and cannot be played with the keyboard and mouse, but users can still use Bluetooth Gamepads while playing.

Fortnite is no longer available in both the Play Store and the App Store since 2020, as Google and Apple deleted the game from their app stores, after Epic, the company behind Fortnite, added an off-store payment option, which the two companies considered an explicit violation of the policies of their stores, and they immediately deleted the game from both.

This decision has had no impact on Android users, as this operating system supports the installation of applications outside the Play Store without restrictions (Sideloading), while Apple does not allow this and does not appear to do so soon.

In a response from Epic, the company filed a lawsuit against Apple for monopoly and asked the court to rule that Fortnite be returned to the Apple Store, allowing developers to add their own payment options, and allowing installation of applications and games outside the App Store. This case is still ongoing, and the court has so far forced Apple to allow developers to add their payment options in the apps and games they develop, and in return, it rejected Epic's request to force the game back in the Apple App Store.

Users who installed the game Fortnite on their iOS devices before the date Apple removed it from the store can still play it, but only in the seasons and chapters available at the time, as the game has not received any update for nearly a year and a half.

iOS users will be able to play Fortnite if they are accepted into the closed beta program, exclusively on Safari, the only browser Apple allows game streaming services through.

iOS users will be able to play Fortnite if they are accepted into the closed beta program, exclusively on Safari, the only browser Apple allows game streaming services through.

 This partnership between Epic and Nvidia to bring the mobile version of Fortnite to the GeForce Now platform may be a long-awaited opportunity for users to finally enjoy Fortnite on iOS devices, although the game experience via a streaming service may not match that of the game installed on the user's device.

The online gaming experience depends on the speed and stability of your Internet connection and low latency. Nvidia recommends a connection speed of at least 15 Mbps to play games in GeForce Now in 720p, 25 Mbps to play in 1080p, and 35 Mbps to play with a resolution of 1440p. The service also requires a latency of not more than 80 milliseconds, and it is recommended to have a latency of 40 milliseconds.

The subscription to the closed beta program for Fortnite mobile has already been opened, and it is now possible to join the waiting list for free from here, with the lucky ones to be invited later this month. Only a few will be invited to this beta program initially, with more players being invited during the beta period, which Nvidia says will only take a limited amount of time without providing further details on when it will end.

Do you like the Fortnite mobile game? And are you interested in playing it via Nvidia GeForce Now streaming service?

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