Xiaomi announces new technology that will increase battery capacity by 10 per cent

Battery capacity is one of the important things that people pay close attention to when buying a new phone, and it also plays a role in the size and weight of the phone, so mobile phone manufacturers are developing technologies that enable them to integrate their mobile devices with large-capacity batteries that charge quickly while reducing as much as possible, From its size and weight, to give users more comfort in their daily use of their smartphones, Xiaomi is one of these companies that is making a great effort in this regard.

In a blog post on microblogging platform Weibo, The Chinese technology giant revealed a new technology, which will bring a breakthrough in the manufacture of smartphone batteries, as this new technology will enable manufactures to provide more than 10 per cent of the battery capacity, and 100 minutes of use per charge without a change in the size of the battery.

10 per cent may seem a small number, but it means that a current battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh will be able to raise its capacity to 5500 mAh without having to increase the space it occupies inside the phone, which means gaining more minutes on a single charge which is good for us as users.

Xiaomi's new technology is based on increasing the silicon content inside the battery by 3 times more than existent mobile phone batteries. 

The company has also improved the packaging technology, which will result in smaller batteries (up to 40% smaller, according to the company’s post) with larger capacities, and this is beneficial for smartphone makers as it will allow companies that obtain a license to use this new technology from Xiaomi to have an extra place to put more hardware components in it since the battery size will be smaller.

This battery will also come with an intelligent system called (according to the machine translation of the accompanying image, in Chinese) fuel gauge chip, which uses battery materials backed by information data, the big user battery data,  and a battery encryption system to develop algorithms and analyze basic data to achieve safe and uniform use of batteries in all This will result in good temperature management and prevent unnecessary battery wear, especially during overnight charging sessions, which will undoubtedly contribute to extending battery life and improving the user experience.

The company will start mass production of this battery in the second half of next year, and accordingly, it is possible that the next year's flagship smartphones from Xiaomi will be equipped with this battery, and it is also possible that the company will provide us with more explanations about how the fuel gauge chip and other smart components work in, as the first phone with this new technology approaches to launch to the market.

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