Galaxy Unpacked August 2021: Samsung unveils Watch Series 4 with body composition mesuring, One UI for watches, and more

 It's time again for Samsung's Unpacked event, where the Korean company usually unveils its new smart devices with the latest innovations developed by Samsung to bring the user more devices to make his personal life more convenient. This time Samsung chose to make this event exclusive to the Galaxy Z series, which is the name the company chose for its foldable phone series, and the talk in this presentation was focused on the third generation of the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip phones.

Before talking about the stars of this show, Samsung first introduced the new generation of its famous smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

The Galaxy Watch 4 is the successor to the Watch 3 that was announced by Samsung last year, and as usual, this new generation of Samsung smartwatch comes with exclusive new features as well as improvements to many other features found in previous generations of the watch.

The Galaxy Watch 4 series comes with a Samsung Exynos W920 dual-core processor with a 5 nm manufacturing accuracy, 16 GB of internal storage, and 1.5 GB of RAM. The watch also comes with a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED display, with a resolution of 400 by 400 pixels, with a density of 321 pixels per inch, and it is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass DX+.

The watch runs on the new Wear OS powered by Samsung, which was developed by Samsung in cooperation with Google to create a new unified platform that combines the best features of Tizen OS and Wear OS all in one powerful OS, and Galaxy Watch 4 Series will be the first watch to utilize this platform.

Thanks to this cooperation between the two companies, Galaxy Watch 4 owners can access the Google Play Store to install their favourite apps on their smartwatches such as Google Maps and fitness applications such as Strava,, Adidas Running and more, and any application that the user installs on his smartphone, the corresponding version of the application is automatically installed on the smartwatch so that he can enjoy his favourite applications such as Spotify without the need to always carry his phone with him. Using the new Samsung watch does not require necessary having a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and it can be used with any Android phone that has Google mobile services, and it also does not work with iPhone devices.

And with the new operating system, Samsung has added its own touch to it through the new user interface, One UI for watches, which provides a set of new capabilities such as sweeping the watch bezel to check notifications and other apps, easily navigate your Galaxy Watch Series 4 with the two buttons located on the side, answer a call by waving your forearm up and down, or dismiss alerts with a shake of your wist.

In order to help you improve the quality of your sleep, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 measures how much you breathe while you sleep, as the microphone on your Galaxy smartphone is used to track the sound of your snoring, while the watch measures the level of oxygen in your blood every second, which helps To know how you breathe at night while you sleep to get an initial idea about your health and to take the necessary steps to correct any health problems you have.

Galaxy Watch 4 also offers a new and exclusive feature that enables the user to know their body composition. Often used by doctors and health professionals, the term "body composition" refers to the percentage of fat, bone, and muscle in your body. Doctors use body composition to see if you are at a healthy weight for your individual body. Previously, getting a body composition analysis required going to the clinic or the gym, but now you can easily monitor your body composition anytime and anywhere thanks to the BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) method by placing two of your fingers on two small electrodes (Samsung Bioactive Sensor) that exist on the side of the smartwatch.

Other features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 include the availability of group competitions with victory points, badges, and personal messages from friends to get more motivation to do more exercise and sports activities. The user can also customize his smartwatch with more than 40 pre-installed faces and choose from many Of custom coloured ribbons stripes to correspond to his personal style, and the ECG rhythm monitoring and blood pressure features are now available in more countries around the world as well.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4 supports NFC, eSIM, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, and Wi-Fi, and have IP68 water resistance. 

  • Galaxy Watch 4 is available in four colours: Black, Silver, Pink Gold, and Green at $249.
  • Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is available only in Black and Silver colour options at $349.

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