Microsoft updates Edge Canary with a fresh look for Windows 11

A few days after announcing a new user interface coming to the Office suite users on Windows, Microsoft announced today that Microsoft Edge web browser will also get a fresh look that fits with the radical UI changes presents on the new operating system Windows 11

The new UI updates are still in the early stage of development, and only available for the moment on the last Edge Canary version (Build 93.0.945.0 or newer), hidden behind an experimental flag and must be enabled manually, and as expected changes to the user interface are minor, and maybe not noticeable in the first place. 

The novel changes pervaded the browser's menus font and size which are now a bit bigger and easier to read, however, the menus themselves are actually a bit smaller, which reduces the wasted space between its various elements. The maximize or restore button has now rounded corners, and the space between the minimize, maximize, and close buttons are slightly bigger. 

These changes may be small and barely noticeable, but they are definitely a step in the right direction, and we'll undoubtedly see more changes to the browser's general appearance in the coming weeks and months, and proof of that is a photo posted by the Windows Insider Twitter account hinting that the Mica material will be added to the browser too. 

To try these UI changes on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC, follow these steps: 

  • Download the latest Microsoft Edge Canary build from the Microsoft Edge Insider website, and install it. 
  • Open Edge Canary, and navigate to edge://flags
  • Search for “Enable Windows 11 Visual Updates”. 
  • Toggle the feature to Enabled. 
  • Click Restart to restart the browser. 

You can revert to the old look by following the same steps but toggling the option to “disabled”. 

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