Twitter is working on Twitter Blue

Twitter is working to enrich its social platform with new features to strengthen its active user base and maintain it and stay competitive in the domain of social networks, as well as achieve some additional profits of course, and among the new features that the company is currently working on is a monthly subscription service that provides exclusive features to users in exchange for a monthly fee. This new service will come under the name Twitter Blue and start at $2.99, according to Jane Manchun Wong, a security engineer, and researcher who has completely leaked the app's new features before its release.

This subscription will provide useful features that the social network currently lacks, such as the ability to collect favorite tweets in one place for the user to reach them quickly and at any time, as well as the feature to undo tweet, which will enable users to cancel the posting of a tweet to correct a mistake or change something in it, something similar to the feature to edit Tweets that have been requested by users for a long time.

Twitter also works on a tiered subscription pricing model, with one tier having more paid features than the other, which means that subscribers to the higher-priced package will get exclusive premium features such as the ability to browse the social network without ads, as Twitter recently acquired Scroll, the subscription service that removes ads from websites that participate.

There is no additional information about the full list of features that Twitter Blue can provide, nor about when Twitter will launch this service for users, but some rumors confirm that the company will likely introduce it this year, citing a tweet from the former CEO of Scroll Tony Haile, in which he says that the Scroll service will be integrated into a subscription service from Twitter coming sometime this year.

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