JingPad A1, the first Linux tablet to arrive this summer

Ingling Tech, the company behind JingOS, the Linux operating system built specifically for tablets, is pursuing its goal of making and producing the world's first consumer Linux tablet this year after the company previously announced a roadmap for its operating system. Jingling Tech revealed its promising plan to produce and market its first tablet JingPad A1, as well as some technical specifications of the device, in addition to the first real video from the tablet manufacturer showing its design, and its semi-finished look. 

JingPad A1 will come with an 11-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2K, with a density of 266 pixels per inch, a brightness of 350 nits, a contrast of 100,000: 1, and an aspect ratio of 4: 3 protected by Corning Gorilla Glass on the back. 

 The device is only 6.7 mm thick, weighs less than 500 grams, and comes with an octa-core ARM processor, an 8-megapixel front camera, a 16-megapixel front camera, and an 8000 mAh battery that supposed to give you up to 10 hours of battery life, and it takes about 3 hours to be fully charged using an 18-watt fast charger. It supports 4G and 5G cellular networks (the 5G is not supported in all countries, the company will publish the cellular support report before June 2021), and will support running Android apps and games such as PUBG and Netflix. 

JingPad A1 uses dual-microphone array noise reduction technology, and the device also contains a special connector for magnetically connecting the JingPad keyboard, an external 11″ Full-size Keyboard with a trackpad inspired by the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPads, to transform the JingPad A1 tablet into a Linux desktop: "When the keyboard is docked, a rounded mouse will show up, then you will enjoy a seamless experience to run Linux desktop apps like WPS Office, Terminal, VS Code, and Telegram" the preview video says. JingPad Pen is another companion to JingPad A1 that supports 4,096 levels of pressure giving the user an easy experience of drawing and signing documents. 

JingPad team is set to release its first full review of the device on May 31, while third-party YouTube reviews will be available in Chinese and English on June 11 without the external keyboard with trackpad. 

JingPad A1 crowdfunding campaign will start on June 15th, on the 25th, device reviews will start with Jing keyboard, on July, 15th smoke tests (or confidence testing) will begin, and on August, 10, the first 100 JingPad A1 will start shipping to the early bird users. 

On August 20, another 300 JingPad devices will be begun to ship to more users, and on September, 7th, the tablet's mass shipping will begin. 




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