WhatsApp Desktop get video and voice calls support

Finally, WhatsApp announced a long-awaited feature for its desktop app after it started trying it late last year with a limited group of users, as the app now officially supports voice and video calls.

Voice and video calls are not a new feature on WhatsApp, as the company launched it in 2015 and 2016 respectively for Android and iOS users, but this time the company also made it available to all Windows and Mac users (as the company does not provide an official application for Linux users), and this new desktop calling feature also has end-to-end encryption, as does the one currently on mobiles, which means that WhatsApp or Facebook will not be able to see or hear your calls.

This feature is limited for now to one-to-one calls,  meaning that you cannot make group calls yet on it, and requires the 64-bit version of Windows 10 version 1903 and newer or macOS 10.13 and newer, alongside an active internet connection on your mobile phone and computer even though call won’t go through your phone, it needs to be online to establish the call and the voice and video calls does not work on the Web version of WhatsApp at the time of this writing.

Having this feature on the desktop application is very useful, as you can take advantage of the large computer screen to see all family members or friends, and the computer camera gives you more freedom to move around the room without having to hold your phone in your hand wherever you go.

WhatsApp is racing at the appointed time to provide the largest number of features offered by competitors to retain the highest possible number of users and prevent them from moving to alternative applications and services before May 15, when it enters the new privacy terms for WhatsApp, which has aroused the discontent of users and pushed a large part of them to move towards applications Competition like Signal and Telegram, come into effect.

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