Microsoft is working on dark mode support for Office on Android

Microsoft is trying hard to work on adding new features to its applications, whether those for the desktop or mobile devices, to give a better experience for users on all platforms, and among these features that it tries to make available on all its apps is the dark mode feature, and it seems that Office applications on Android will get it soon.


According to the Italian leaker and developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Microsoft is working to add the dark mode support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the Office hub for android, with a setting to allow the users to choose between the light, dark, and the system default modes.

Light and Dark options allow users, based on their choice, to always use these apps in dark or light mode, while the system default respects the user's device settings.

And currently, the background of the applications is still white when applying the dark mode to them, but considering that this feature is still in the development stage, it is likely that Microsoft will fix this software bug before releasing this feature to the general users,  as the company has addressed the same issue Last month on the Word desktop app for Office 365 subscribers

It is not known when this feature will be available to everyone, but we expect it will not take long for it to reach everyone, and it should be noted that Edge, OneDrive, Outlook, and Remote Desktop already have this feature, which will make most of Microsoft's Android apps support Dark mode. 

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