Huawei starts testing Petal Mail

It seems that Huawei will not give up at the end, even if it is forced to reduce its production of smartphones for some time, and it will continue to develop its apps and platform away from the US technologies, as the company started yesterday (3rd, March), in China, the beta testing phase of its upcoming application Petal Mail as an alternative to Gmail.

Huawei registered the Petal Mail brand last January, Petal Translation last month, and with the previously launched Petal Search and Petal Maps applications, and the first release of the Harmony OS that will be released next month for the company's smartphone series, it seems that Huawei is on its way to replace all Google tools and applications with homemade ones, it does not intend or want to return to relying on Google again even if the US government pulls off the sanctions imposed on it.

The participants in this beta testing from the China mainland will get a 100 yuan reward to users who send feedback of service during the testing phase, while the other people outside China can reserve their mail username right now by accessing this website on their internet browser, but we suggest anyone that wants to try this Huawei's new service (Petal Mail) to use a browser with auto-translate capability as the website is currently only in the Chinese language.

The registration process is simple: after choosing your mail username, you will be asked to choose and confirm a password, enter your date of birth, then add your phone number and verify it via SMS. After completing the registration process, you will be redirected to a website where you can put your login information (your email address that you previously chose in the form of, and your password), to enter the web page version of Petal Mail that currently only contains inbox folders, starred, drafts, sent, trash, and spam, but the service will evolve and other features will be added to it over time.

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