Google kills Google Play Music


It is no longer surprising to hear from time to time that Google killed one of its products for one reason or no reason, as the company has recently had this strange habit, and this time the turn is on the famous Google Play Music service. 

Lately, users of this service were surprised when they opened the Play Music app with a message telling them that “Google Play Music is no longer available” and that they can still transfer their libraries, including playlists and downloads, for a limited time to YouTube Music, accompanied by a small animation showing the Play Music logo transformation To YouTube Music, and a similar message also appeared on the service's website.

This isn't the first time Google has done so, and the company has also killed Hangouts messaging app, YouTube Gaming service, the popular Google URL Shortener network, Google Plus social network, Chromebook Pixel, and other good apps, devices, and services without any reasonable cause, and we may wake up one day and find that the company has shut down YouTube, Google Photos, or even the entire Play Store or that it has given up on continuing to develop Android.

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