Giveaway: Get 6 months of free Unlimited VPN with KeepSolid


When you surf online, your privacy is always in danger because your IP address is visible to everyone, so anyone can track your activities online, spy on you, and steal your payment information and passwords.


A VPN is a way to help you anonymize yourself on the internet, protect your privacy by creating a private tunnel over the internet to its secure servers, all your data that travels through this tunnel are encrypted so that only you and the person with whom you share it can see it, but unfortunately, most of the VPNs are whether paid and pricey or free but offers only a limited speed or bandwidth, or basic weak protection, and so that today I give a chance to get 6 months of unlimited VPN for free with KeepSolid, by following the instructions in the video below.


KeepSolid is a VPN service that offers unlimited bandwidth encrypted with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption through 500+ VPN servers in more than 80 locations around the world such as the USA, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, UK, Canada, and more, with access to servers Streams to US Netflix, Hulu, ESPN +, and HBO Now, and includes torrent servers. This VPN has a cross-platform app so that you can use the VPN service whatever the type of your device, and follow a zero-log policy means that no information of any kind about you is logged.

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